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Handcrafted Recycled Jewelry & Organic T-shirts ~ Made in the USA

We are dedicated to making handcrafted original jewelry using recycled and responsibly sourced materials. All of our products are made in the USA and we try to source all of our materials from the USA as well. The glass used to make some of our jewelry comes from Italy where the very old traditions of bead making and glass blowing originated. You can be sure much thought went into every piece.

Recycled Coins & Sterling Silver Flatware

In 1964, the US Mint issued the last regular circulating 90-percent silver dimes, quarters and half dollars.These coins feel amazing to the touch, especially when compared to the coins of today! However, these silver coins became worn much more easily than modern coins do. This means that unworn pre 1964 coins are much sought after, whilst the worn ones tend to be 'scrapped' for their silver content. This is a great shame. We like to give new live to these treasures in our jewelry. We also use recycled Sterling Silver cutlery and flatware in our designs which are often subject to the same fate as silver coins.

Supporting the Worlds Oceans

Because we find the worlds oceans to be one of the greatest resources and treasure we are dedicated to giving back to help conversation, research and restoration of them. We donate 10% of profits to non-profits that are furthering this cause. You can feel good that your purchase is not only minimizing contributions to environmental declines but also help our oceans.

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